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Overseas digital marketing platform under iFLYTEK
Focused on overseas marketing driven by technology
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Devoted to developing overseas markets, GrowOne is an intelligent digital marketing platform under iFLYTEK based on the Southeast Asian market, while expanding business in the Middle East, Latin America and other parts of the world. We are committed to provide effective and efficient customer service on user growth stimulation and brand promotion utilizing our own digital marketing platform and cutting-edge technological algorithms. Headquartered in Singapore, GrowOne has branch offices in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Hefei, and Hangzhou.
Media resource integration
Integrating premium media resources to connect global users
Data asset management
Accumulating data assets and continuously converting them for efficiency improvement
Excellent user operation
Optimizing the entire chain to achieve closed-loop with enriched operational experience
Utilizing AI to improve operational efficiency
Empowering brand expansion with AI-enhanced algorithms

Covering over 730M users in Southeast Asia, Japan, South Korea, the Middle East, Latin America, and other regions, Daily PV 14.7B.

Coverage in over 50 countries and regions worldwide, DAU exceeding 1B, Daily PV 20B.


DAU 180M

PV 2.5B


DAU 150M

PV 2.2B


DAU 400M

PV 10B

Why Us
Algorithm optimization
Using data feedback analysis and AI algorithm modeling to achieve cost reduction and efficiency improvement
End-to-end optimization
Closed-loop end-to-end optimization, continuous conversion for efficiency improvement
AI empowerment
Generating intelligent strategies and orders to achieve improvement in both quantity and quality
Industry deep cultivation
Dedicated to high-efficiency growth through deep cultivation in gaming, e-commerce, social networking, and other industries

Resource integration

Integrating data traffic, covering 1 billion active users worldwide

Diverse advertising
Diversified advertising display enables links with various users
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